Toll Processing


Materially Improve Your Business

Since 1993, Leveltek has offered a patented stretch leveling system to improve the flatness of specialty metal coils on a toll processing basis. This technology, which performs at a level unmatched in the industry, restores to perfection coils that would otherwise end up as scrap metal, and is guaranteed not to mark or scratch the surface being stretched. Leveltek is headquartered in Benwood, West Virginia, one hour southwest of Pittsburgh.

Because of Leveltek’s capabilities, many of our customers choose Leveltek as a full-service toll processor.

Leveltek operates toll processing facility that are located strategically in Benwood, WV (60 miles southwest of Pittsburgh, PA). We use our patented, non-marking stretch leveling technology to eliminate shape defects in coils of ferrous and non-ferrous materials, and make them commercially acceptable.